freedom isn’t free

There is an old saying in sailing “If you can’t tie good knots, tie lots of them…” the same goes for Weather forecasts. When they are accurate they can save lives and property in severe weather events. Good routing can save several days on a race or a Trip. Much of the information provided this year through our forums by forecaster Mark Michaelsen has been golden and helped people in the path of systems like SUPER STORM SANDY better prepare days ahead of other people not aware of his forecast. Survivors of Super Typhoon Bopha also sent in their thanks which prompted a story on Mark last week here on the home page.

Mark did the same way back in ’05 with Katrina and it made a tangible difference to many here on SA.  But this week we personally wanted to say thank you to Mark for all he has done for the SA community so we sent him some actual PayPal appreciation through his “donate” page which up until now you probably didn’t know existed because he has never once mentioned it once to anyone. We just thought that maybe those of you who he has helped would actually enjoy throwing a little love back his way during this season of giving.   Click to donate any amount. And thanks very much from yer pals right here at SA.