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Nothing like some good community love…

To watch the On-Water kids develop their boating skills on the student built wooden boats and our 30′ Pearson Flyer, becoming at home on the water when before in their lives the water was a foreign place. T This year we will get a crew out on the Flyer and have them race the boat on Long Island Sound.

To see the Environmental Skills Apprentices spend time with professional scientists performing work which restores the Bronx River. They’ve done the first seeding of mussels and oysters in the Bronx River mouth in the East River.

Most importantly, Rocking the Boat gives these kids the sense that there is nothing that they can’t accomplish. After all, if you can sail an 18′ student wooden sailboat from Hunts Point, 18 miles up to Captain’s Island and back, how hard can anything else be? High school graduation rates are approaching 100% and it’s such a pleasure to keep in touch with so many of the students who are attending and finishing college.

I hope that my thoughts will inspire you, as the kids have inspired me, to give something of yourself. I encourage you to spend time in Hunts Point as a volunteer. If time doesn’t permit that, a financial donation will help us continue the good work.

My thanks to you for spending the time to read this and it is my hope that you will agree that Rocking the Boat is precisely the sort of organization that warrants your support. Photo thanks to Joaquin Cotten.

Fran and I send our best to you and your families for the holidays and wish you and yours a peaceful and healthy New Year.

All the best,

Rocking the Boat