it never blows in so cal…

I decided on Monday to give Viggo Torbenson a call and see if he wanted to take his J-125 “Timeshaver” out on Tuesday as the weather gurus were predicting 30+ kts of breeze.  I wanted to get our new 5A heavy air spinnaker out and really see what conditions it performs well in.  Showed up at the boat and am greeted by two regular crew, one of their 13 year old daughters and group of young sea scout sailors that really only sail dinghies… and no owner.  Permission to take the boat our without him?  Of course!  Two red flags at the Harbor Patrol dock and an inexperienced crew can’t be too bad., right?

We get out of the harbor and motor into the big waves and increasing breeze to get a good angle on the coast.  5A goes up and we are gone.  19+kts consistent for 20 minutes with top speed of 22.8 and a good 5 minutes not dropping below 20 made for some epic moments.  The spinnaker was amazing.. smaller and flatter than normal allowed us to put the bow up and stay there on the step in total control.  The camera work was not so good and the best parts were not even recorded but we had fun!  It was a pleasure to have kids on the boat that have never experienced that sort of sailing and their cheers when we started breaking the 20kt barrier were priceless.  This group of sea scout sailors will never be the same.  Not a lot of people get to experience this kind of sailing and it was a shame that we were the ONLY boat out.  This is what it is all about and really when this sport gets fun (minus the motor back to the harbor).
We are getting the boat dialed in for the 2013 season and are finally starting to get the most out of her.  Follow along on  FaceBook as we look forward to the Cabo Race in March  and much more.
Keith Magnussen
Ullman Sails Newport Beach