in with the new

Okay so if you are reading this, then you are at the new platform. As stated earlier, it is not a reinvention of the whell, but it sure as hell rolls smoother, faster and better than the old one we had. Improvements to make note of:

Classified ads: Now totally user controlled, for both paid and free ads. Way easier and faster. All we do is approve the ad before it goes online. Check it.

Search function: Again, faster better. Check it.

Social networking: All individual articles can be facebooked, twatted, e-mailed, etc. Hopefully you’ll find something here worth sharing – haha.

The Look: a new logo, cleaner layout and a vastly improved load time should make your front page experience (wait, there’s a front page?) mo’ betta.

And a huge shout out to Travis and Olga at RamseySolutions for their outstanding work helping us get this done. Highly recommended!