going north

The news that Ken Read has been tapped to become the president of  North Sails isn’t news anymore. But it while it might almost seem a no-brainer to hire Read, it also has the potential for an image shift for North. When lead by Gary “Wiseguy” Weisman, there was always an arrogance to the way North went about its business.  Yes, the product was good, but why did it always seem there was a ‘tude that went along with it? Never huge fans of North, it is almost exactly because a superiority complex that seemed to be part and parcel of North Sails.

We doubt there is a better face, sailor or personality for North, and it will be interesting to see what changes, if any, he brings to North. It’ll either be a cold day in hell, or you’ll know it is a new day at North when you see a North Sail ad on Sailing Anarchy!