BIG PIMPIN’: The latest from our newest advertiser, Raptor Deck

If you read Sailing Anarchy, there is a good chance that you’ve spent at least a little bit of time on a kiteboard, a windsurfer, a surfboard, or a SUP.  In this case, you’ve already experienced the benefits of soft deck materials.  Starting commercially two years ago, we took exactly the closed-cell technology from surfboard stomp pads and applied it to creating the ultimate padded non-skid solution for sport boats.  That said, not all soft deck solutions are equal in performance, nor durability.  Throughout the process, we tuned the density, improved the adhesion system, updated the routed texture pattern, and increased the UV stability.

What We Sell:
We sell pre-made RaptorDeck kits, custom kits, rail pads, flatstock, and trailer pads.  Melges kits include: 17, 20, 24, 32, MC, C, and E.  Otherwise, we have stock Viper 640, Opti, J/70, 29er, and I14-B6 kits.  Farr 30 and 40 kits are in process, and many new models are coming monthly.

Surface Texture:
We focus on router-cut non-skid patterns which eliminate hydroplaning and provide vastly superior grip to molded EVA options.

Water Absorption:
Closed Cell technology eliminates water retention, keeping weight to a minimum.

Adhesive System:
Genuine 3M peel & stick makes installation a snap.

Custom Graphics: 
Want a custom inlay?  We welcome complex graphics.  Check out the backstay hash marks on our Melges 24 and 32 kits, then send us some artwork to request a quote.

If your tired of slipping and sliding….   tired of sandpaper grip destroying your blocks…  tired of vertical scratches in your keel…  tired of wearing kneepads…..  tired of chipping your gelcoat with a dropped Leatherman….  tired of wearing out your rain gear… tired of sliding around on the rail… or tired of bunk blisters   Do yourself, and your crew a favor, and drop us a line!

What started with a handful of friends and top teams has grown to hundreds of satisfied customers. Want the co-eds to come sailing?  Get your foam on.