got off your asses and get offshore

Our old friend Poocher is back at it, and this time he is calling all you wannabe offshore shorthanders out.  And he’s got a point. 

Have you been following the Vendee Globe from your computer and wondering when you might finally get the chance to race shorthanded offshore?  Have the Vendee competitors inspired you to try to do some offshore shorthanded racing?   Are you fed up with having to sail with ten other people? Are you wondering how to get into some competitive offshore shorthanded sailing? Have you told your family and friends that all you want for Christmas/Chanukah is to get your hands on a Class40 for 2013?

The answers to all of your questions are right in front of you!  The Atlantic Cup 2013 is rapidly approaching and there are 3 Class 40 racing yachts ready for charter or for sale on the East Coast of the US.  The race’s continued success and the Class 40 being one of the few growing classes worldwide, now is your time to literally get on board.

We strongly feel that every available Class 40 in this hemisphere should be participating in the Atlantic Cup, and your charter can help make that happen.  Go here to find each available charter boat in the US.

Tim and I from Icarus Racing would like to send out a personal challenge to the offshore sailing community:  If you’re serious about it, you MUST get yourself to Charleston on May 11, 2013  to sail in the Atlantic Cup.  Remember, folks: If Tim and I could throw together the USMMA sailing foundation’s Class 40 in about a week to make the start line in 2011, there is absolutely no reason why you can’t get yourself a holiday present for next year!  Get a hold of the race organizers to inquire about the pricing and process to get involved.  GET OFF your  ASS and get OFFSHORE.  It’s time to stop talking about what you want to do; SHOW US WHAT YOU CAN DO.

In other words, get off your ass and get offshore.

Want to get involved before May? The US based Class40s are participating in a few other events in the upcoming months:  Key West Feeder racePineapple Cup, and St. Thomas Rolex.

And post-Atlantic Cup?  How about the Bermuda 1-2 or the Marblehead to Halifax Race?  And if you are REALLY ambitious…there’s the Transat Jacques Vabres, leaving Le Havre France on November 3, 2013.  There’s certainly no shortage of racing.

Get a hold of Icarus Racing or Manuka Sports for options on race spots available, ways to sponsor, and info about getting delivery time onboard a class40 for the beginning of 2013. We appreciate the great support from hundreds of Anarchists over last year’s race and are looking forward to this year’s continued Atlantic Cup/Class40 participation.

Follow our team and the race, look for updates on Facebook and Twitter.

Have a great holiday season from Icarus Racing.

Ben Poucher, Co-Skipper
Icarus Racing