radio radio

With one notable exception (noted lower on this page), there is only one thing worse than watching sailing on TV, and that is listening to sailing on radio. Oh wait, there is something worse – listening to sailing on Clear Channel radio.

The AC announced that they have made Clear Channel their “official radio partner” and we really couldn’t think of anyone worse. Corporate purveyors of retrded right wing talk radio (Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, and Glenn Beck, among others), formatted, tame and limp music formats, CC is also known for firing as many people as possible in order to cater to their owner’s bottom line – drum roll please – Bain Capital.

They have gutted the heart and soul of radio, rendering it little more than a collection of stations that puke out voice tracked jocks reading liner cards, bloviating hate talkers as mentioned above, and a music product that could not suck more if it had to. Oh yeah, they are also guilty of bringing Ryan Seacrest to radio and paying him $300 million to do so.

We’re sure all of ‘frisco can’t wait to jump in their Prius’, tune in their AM radio (cars still come with AM, right?), and listen to some scintillating sailing, brought to you by Marriott Hotels, the NRA and the good folks at Chik-Fil-A. Good lord.

Title inspiration thanks to Elvis Costello, who had it right 33 years ago…