Team New Zealand’s Steve Wilson pictured above aboard Prada’s boat, obviously helping them with a rigging issue. Two separate teams? Yeah, right.

ETNZ now has just issued a press release saying they are stripping all the gear from the first AC72 to put on their second boat during January, so they can begin to sail the new boat (and only that second boat) after February 1 when the Protocol permits them to start sailing B2. ETNZ say that they will continue to sail against Prada as their trial horse, same as they did with their first boat.

That effectively makes ETNZ a three boat program — two ETNZ boats and the Luna Rossa boat. How can this be when the Protocol limits each team to only two AC72s? Can you imagine the screams from Luna Rossa’s Luis Saenz, the AC34 protest king, or his protest-crazy comrade-in-arms Russell Green of ETNZ if an OTUSA design team member was seen aboard Artemis Racing’s AC72, or vice versa? Or if Oracle, after breaking their first boat, only uses Artemis Racing as their trial horse? Photos thanks to VSail with loads more here.

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