the weather man

The Sailing Anarchy ‘Front Page’ has become one of the most widely-viewed spaces in all of sailing, but many of our readers don’t know that it’s the SA community – and the forums they fill with information – that is the beating heart of the best website in sailing.  One of our most valued contributors is Mark “DryArmour” Michaelsen; sure, he’s in the business (he sells tech shirts that we’ve been wearing for half a decade now), but Mark spends literally hundreds of hours each year studying severe weather and warning us all about it.  Mark called Hurricane Sandy ‘scary’ days before anyone else starting worrying, and those of us who paid attention were able to prepare long before things got crazy.  He then got on top of Cat 5 Super-Typhoon Botha, and helped there too.

It’s a good time to offer our thanks to the thousands of you who come to the SA Forums every day and offer your own advice, opinions, critiques, or just entertainment.  Here’s a word of gratitude from SA’er “F-18 5150”:

Recently I was in the path of Super Typhoon Bopha.  DryArmour took the time to do storm tracking and keep me updated as often as I could check his updates. He did this without asking and spent a lot of time making sure we were prepared and informed. We survived with no damage here due to a fortunate turn in the storm to our south but we were ready. Makes me proud to know there are people in this community that go out of their way to help a fellow sailor.

Thanks Dry Armour for the information and time you spent with me. Thanks to Clean and The Ed for hosting the site and allowing this to happen.  From the Philippines with a big “Thanks”.