the same, only different

Far too long coming, we are finally changing the SA platform to something better. While the essential look of SA remains for now, the functionality greatly improves. Social networking, sharing, search, load time and usability will be greatly improved. It should be much easier to use on iPads, and we’ll have a specific Pad version coming on line as well.

Our classified section, now sponsored by¬†Do It Yourself Yacht Brokers, will be 100% automated! No more lengthy delays (!), it will be much easier to use for buyers and sellers. Our store goes back on-line next week, with a brand new designed SA shirt that we know you’ll dig. We’ll be adding new items as we go along…

So that’s what’s going on – new logo, new platform, tablet applications, improved classifieds, and swag! Combined with the forums upgrade, we think that we will have a much better product for you. As always, thanks for hanging with us with our prehistoric tech – we hope to have most of the new stuff up in the next couple of days. And also as always, well mostly, we want your feedback, which we know we’ll get, whether we like it or not!