rum dum

Your editor here did his very best to blow a 12 point overall lead going into the third and final weekend of the 127-boat SDYC Hot Rum series, and by trophy time, it looked like he had done just that. DC (yes that DC) closed the gap with his Farr 60 on the final race to tie Anarchy for 34 points after 3 races, with the tiebreaker going to DC. Damn, Anarchy’s chance at Hot Rum Glory looked to have gone the way of the Dodo!

But wait – a protest was heard after the prize giving, throwing out a boat that finished ahead of Anarchy in the last race, giving them the point they needed for the Overall Win. Showing how close this seemingly disparite series can be, Anarchy had 33 points, Stars and Stripes 34, the Kernan 68′ Peleigroso 35, the 70’+ Velos and J/105 Wings 36 each. Four points seperating the top 5!  Anarchy also won Class 2.

This is a really difficult, often random and brutal series that is actually incredibly hard to win. It looks really lame (pursuit start, PHRF, big tides, tons of traffic, etc.) until you actually try to go win it, and then you see that it is both really lame and really hard to win. The Anarchy boys and girls did good to nab this one!

Overall results here.