globe trotters

With the Vendee Globe fleet whittled down to 2/3 strength, news coming in from the fleet is getting more manageable, letting the fans start to see the whacky personalities that make the Vendee so interesting.  Case in point:  Jean a/k/a “King John” Le Cam, who clearly takes his Equatorial crossings seriously even after about 400 of them, gives a hefty shot of drink to Neptune in this video (subtitled by SA’er ‘popo’).  Judging from Le Cam’s lack of equilibrium, it appears he left plenty for himself…even racing along at 15 knots.

If you liked that, here’s some more of King Jean’s comedy routine.  And how about someDominique Wavre, who apparently smuggled a cat and chicken aboard.  And Bernard Stamm showing that Wavre isn’t the only Swiss to lose his mind out there. And finally, here are a few words from second-placed Alex Thomson during one of the VG LIVE shows; get on his Facebook page right away to post any burning questions you have; Alex will answer them live on video tomorrow at 0730 Eastern/0430 Pacific on his website. 

Live and Learn 

VG organizers have thankfully renamed their daily live call-in and analysis show from the silly “Radio Vacations” to the more descriptive Vendee Globe Live.  It’s a solid half-hour show with weather and race analysis from Alain Gautier and a slew of ultra-credible guests, mixed in with live video chats with 3 or 4 sailors each day.  You can watch it as it happens at 1200 GMT/0700 EST/0400PST on VG’s DailyMotion channel; the French version starts a half hour earlier.  Sensible Norteamericanos will check it out after a coffee or three; all the dailies are archived here.