rodeo clowns


The Red  Bull Youth America’s Cup is a bit of a red-headed stepchild right now.  No one really wants to claim it as their event, and from the dearth of info coming from the teams and ACEA, we’re guessing people are keeping their mouths closed because they just have no idea what is going to happen.   Teams all over the world are scrambling for money, for time, and for some clear and concise entry/tryout process; something that’s eluded the organizers thus far.

Hell, up until a few weeks ago, the guys in charge were still trying to find an alternative to the AC45, presumably because they were (are?) worried the 45 is going to kill a kid or two, or the kids are going to fold an AC45 in half.  So while we can’t tell you what the hell is happening with the RBYAC, we can tell you that a few teams actually went sailing in San Francisco last week in some kind of tryout.  And we only know this because Genny told us so, in this video.  You can stay up to date in the most logical place to do so; the AC Anarchy forum, of course!  There’s some Facebook spot too…title courtesy of a G Love and Special Sauce.