culture club

Another interesting discussion – imagine that – on of AC Anarchy forum brought to you by The Great Cup but this post made us laugh. Good times.

I’m sure others will be along soon enough to pile on top of your never ending comments of “everything Kiwi rules, and everything USA sucks, especially anything to do with Russell”….but for the moment I’ll leave that alone.

I’ll say that I agree with you on one point, the Red Bull Flugtag.  Pretty sure that wasn’t really well thought out, at least in terms of the reflection on Oracle/Larry.  When the idea of putting pieces of 7217.1 together for this event first came out, I cringed.  I could see what could potentially happen.  You know this event is designed as a spectator stunt, so it is going to be a show that involves not achievement, but disaster.  Probably to get higher ratings they should have put a Kardashian in as the pilot.

So, while the crash of 17 played out on the interweb around the world, it was just a sporting thing.  Now, with the bits of the boat taking a swan dive off a platform, you just had to know that somewhere in the next tech conference by SAP/IBM/MS that footage will be used to make a joke about Oracle/Larry crashing.  It happened faster than I thought it would, what with the banner ad on Bloomberg.com the last couple of days talking about the continuing crash of 17.  A banner ad that touts “Larry Ellison’s $8 million yacht crashing”.  A banner ad. Go figure.

Your rant is more about ACEA than it is about the team, and most know I was not in love with the direction ACEA took things early on.  So the designers tried something and it didn’t work out so well.  Anyone remember The Hula?  Or a broken mast in a Cup race?  How did all that work out for the Kiwi culture?

And here’s another question – how much money has Larry Ellison injected into the Kiwi economy since he started Oracle Racing?  How many Kiwi’s have made how much money from him?  What’s his payroll been for Kiwi sailors, designers, builders ect?  How much money has resulted from the construction of boats and parts in Kiwiville?  He didn’t have to relax the CiC rule, yet he did for this cycle, and the net result of both his boat and Luna Rosa building a substantial part of their boat in Kiwiville.  So, you want to talk about globalism, multicultural this and that, and be the recipient of foreign funds into your country, but yet you also want to scold those who dare to be different than your view of what appropriate culture should be.  Seriously, is that a very enlightened world view?

Please, stop with all this cultural self-righteousness and polarization.  ETNZ has a very good boat, but it remains to be seen how it will perform on SFO Bay.

Enjoy the show for what it is, but leave the cultural dissection for something that matters.  No one, absolutely no, is going to give a rats ass about the culture of a kiwi sailing team, at least in the terms of solving global hunger. Join the fun!