another world

Cutting through the heavy chop the turquoise sheen of the upper layers of water give way to the deep and dark expanse beneath. Just like the night sky, the more you stare at it the less sure you are what is out there. All of a sudden I race towards a steepening swell laden with ripples and white caps, approaching the wave from behind I reach its crest momentarily pausing, struggling for speed and power, urging my kite over the threshold, diving it searching for the extra power locked in the breeze to propel me over the edge.

Like reaching the top of a mountain you stand at its peak, overlooking the surroundings and just like any other mountain there is always the descent, freefalling down its face barely in control, a seemingly everlasting wave I bounce down it’s face, high above me the kite sits in the sky, stationary as I race towards it blasting down into the trough of the wave. This seems to be a familiar process, one which seems to go on and on, from one hour to the next, one day to the next and even one country to the next” Read on.