One of the most positive racing trends of the past few years has been the growth of the multi-regatta series, which helps spread the cost of administering and promoting each event much more manageable.  It’s worked for little boats and big, and with the inaugural event of the Star Winter Series completed, it’s working for the class with the biggest reputation of all.  “The Schoonmaker Cup hasn’t drawn more than 8 or 9 boats in years, but its inclusion in the SWS helped attract 16 entries to Coral Reef Yacht Club last weekend,” said Stu Hebb, founder of the series. Only time will tell if the 5-regatta series becomes the next Jaguar Cup, but with thousands of Stars available for a song and a low-cost, high value series available for them, we wouldn’t be surprised.
US Olympic rep Mark Mendelblatt took the first regatta; his Olympic crew Brian Fatih finished second with Artur Anosov at the stick.  Full results are here. The next event is in two weeks, and Facebook is the place to stay abreast.  Meredith Block photo with more here.