laser 60

Some good Samaritans and a hard-working shore crew have Sam Davies back at sea.  Hopefully a borrowed mast from a wrecked First Class 8 in Madeira, a Laser sail and her O60 storm jib will get her home to France.  As long as she’s out there, we’ll be watching.  Meanwhile, while Armel Le Cleach continues to hold his lead on the fleet, just 4 miles separates the five boats who trail him.  Attrition aside, it’s setting up to be a serious battle as the fleet heads into the Southern Atlantic; track them here. 

You can watch too in the Vendee Globe thread, which was already the most active English-speaking forum anywhere to follow the world’s toughest sailboat race before our most recent round of crowd-sourced innovations; subtitling!  Believe it or not, rather than complaining about the dearth of English-language videos coming from the competitors, your friendly Anarchists have actually used Youtube to subtitle many of them in English.  The subbed videos (like this one of a half-naked Alessandro Benedetto) are all posted in the thread; just click on the little ‘closed caption’ button to check them out.

We still have some great info from France coming up for you over the next week; a few more interviews as well as a final guide to all Clean and Ronnie’s stories, vids, and analysis.  And we’ll go ahead and thank the companies that supported our extensive VG coverage thus far:Bruce Schwab Energy SystemsDoyle Sails NZWhiteCap LTD, and LINE HONORS – Yacht Racing Outfitters.  Check ‘em out and tell ‘em we sent ya.