cocaine cowboys

Sailing yachts continue their duty in the drug muling business; 204 kilos of coke were found in the 13 meter boat “JeReve” last week after it ran aground in Tonga.  Authorities had been tracking the boat since the US Drug Warriors tagged it leaving Ecuador, though it had disappeared from their radar after leaving the Cook Islands.  The fact that they lost the drug runner weeks before and only found it after it was beached didn’t keep Australian Federal Police from claiming a grand success for Public Health everywhere with the seizure of the soggy drugs.  A badly rotted body was found aboard; so decomposed that cause of death still hasn’t been determined.   Lesson:  204 kilos of cocaine is dangerous cargo.

The crew on the Tonga smuggler didn’t make out so well, but a couple of sailors may have made off with a fortune in drugs if locals in Nova Scotia are to be believed.  They say they saw the crew of a 12m yacht scurrying around on deck removing items before the boat was scuttled and the crew, dressed in black, came ashore in a RIB – which they then abandoned.  Among the items removed: The mast.

Just how much coke could you fit in the mast of a 40 footer?