coked up

Waiting for that 8 Ball to party with in Oz? Bummer!

From Mantagi Tonga Online: More than 200 kilograms of cocaine worth an estimated street value of AUD $116 million dollars in Australia, was seized by Tongan authorities on the wreck of the ‘JeReVe’ yacht that ran aground on a reef off Luatafito Atoll in Vava’u. Police believe it to be one of the largest seizure of narcotics in the South Pacific region.

In a joint press conference by the Deputy Prime Minister Hon Samiu Vaipulu, the Tonga Commissioner of Police Grant O’Fee and Superintendent Murray Taylor of the Australian Federal Police this afternoon, it was revealed that the drugs were concealed within the hull of the 13-metre yacht.

They said that AFP received information from the US Drug Enforcement Agency during August 2012 that a small yacht carrying cocaine enroute from Equador to Australia, and an investigation started. Read on.