62 knots!

Our friend Paul Larson with Sail Rocket just took it 61.92 knots! Here’s the video.

The course was rough at the top so I cruised into the flatter water with the wing well eased. Once I was happy that the runway was smooth ahead I sheeted her in and away she went. I knew it was quick and said so over the comms. I could see a gust ahead and held on until we hit it. VSR2 just went into fast forward mode and accelerated hard again. I knew it was quick… real quick. I also knew it was low tide and the shallows at the end of the course were now approaching at a new and exciting rate. I held the gust for a few long seconds then sense prevailed. The boat was accelerating hard right up to when I bailed out of the run. Stopping from over 60 knots was going to be a whole new experience. Obviously we were chewing up runway fast. She actually stopped in a pretty civilised manner and I managed to avid grounding. I was buzzing. I knew it was 60 plus.

So the average was down but the 5 second average perhaps gives a better indication. I reckon she will hit over 65 knots in her current configuration if we get the right conditions. Yesterday was fine. One more like that please Walvis. It was a brilliant day for all the team. A huge relief to see the numbers become reality. The boat is a weapon. Life begins at 60 for this one. Yes I have a hangover… and yes it feels bloody great! Jump in the thread.

Peak speed… 61.92 knots
500 m avg… 54.08 knots
1 second avg… 61.58 knots
5 second average… 59.08 knots