begin the beguine

If you take the time to watch the live start of the Vendee Globe, you’re probably in for a treat. Not only to hear Clean’s lovely voice on the microphone, but because the weather looks to have something wet and relatively wild in store for the first couple of days of the 2012-13 race.  A cold front is headed across Biscay, and the two models we checked – the GFS and Euro – split its arrival by two hours; one on either side of the 1300 start to the biggest event there is.  In other words, there is a good chance of the forecast 25-30 knots of W’ly turning NW’ly hitting the twenty Open 60 before the live cameras abandon your computer screen for a 90-day vacation…

You’ll also get to see the most surreal piece of the sport; more than 300,000 people crammed onto a few thousand feet of sidewalk and jetty and beach (there have already been over a million through the race village in 2 weeks) cheering as the fleet sails just a few feet away from them on their way to the start.  It’s inspiring stuff, and I’m glad our sound booth has a view of the channel.
So stay tuned, and please share the link with every sailor or outdoor sports enthusiasts you know; the more numbers they get from the international audience, the more they will provide to that audience the next time.  Hope you enjoy it; we will.