sunrise on les sables

Two weeks in Les Sables D’Olonnes have erased any questions in our mind: The Vendee Globeis the single most compelling event in our sport. Yes, it’s too French. And yes, until now the organizers didn’t seem to care if anyone outside France noticed. But that is all changing, and very, very quickly, and we’re extremely excited that this move comes just as the deepest and most equal fleet ever sets off into the stormy Atlantic.

We’re dedicating this weekend’s Front Page to our world-leading coverage of this excellent event. Still, there’s not enough room here for everything we’re doing, so please be sure to go to the thread and stay in touch with everything happening there; that means full boat tours, interviews with every skipper, and much, much more. You can even subscribe to the thread (look for a link in the top right corner) for real-time push notifications when news hits the forum or the shit hits the fan. We also encourage you to get with the Vendee’s Facebook Page for a solid stream of Franglais content from a pretty strong group of young reporters and editors.

Thanks to Jesus Renedo/AccionaSailing for the gorgeous Biscay sunrise, and of course a huge thanks to the companies whose support let us bring you so many stories from this great place. As long as companies like Bruce Schwab Energy SystemsDoyle Sails NZWhiteCap LTD, andLINE HONORS – Yacht Racing Outfitters keep supporting what we do (and you keep patronizing them!), we’ll keep raising the bar.