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As the world’s economic climate continues to cool, sponsorship money and partnership support for every level of sailing is becoming tougher and tougher to find.  Even proven performers like Franck Cammas and Roland Jourdain are having serious trouble in the ‘brave new world’ of professionally sponsored racing, and it seems like very few people have a handle on what it takes – and will take – in the constantly and rapidly evolving world of marketing, branding, and sponsorship.

We grabbed an extremely qualified group of experts to discuss it all with you in our first On-The-Water Anarchy ‘Cocktail Hour’ in a long time. The live stream was a little messy (hence our move to a new streaming provider), but with the help of our production team of Ronnie Simpson and Emma Creighton, the panel rocked it with a fun and informative session that anyone interested in sponsored racing needs to watch.  If you’d rather save a link to watch later, you can find that here.