love, actually

We were completely blown away in our first-ever interview of Samantha Davies.  First of all, face-to-face, she is actually as gorgeous as she looks in her best PR portrait.  And the more she talks, the hotter she gets.  And when you listen to her enthusiasm, positive outlook, and absolute mastery of every aspect of this part of the sport, it’s way too easy to get transfixed on this most ultimate sailor chick ever.  Is she telling the truth when she says she was super proud to be named Sailor Chick of the Year a while back?  We don’t know, and we don’t care.  But we do know we’re in love!

Listen to Sam talk about it all for a solid 16 minutes; her difficulty finding sponsorship, her excitement for this race, whether her bubbly-ness is real, and much more; and be sure to follow Sam on her Facebook page here.  If only to get her more Likes than Clean; that’s embarrassing!