far fetch

The Seaboater 787 Kiteboat is a radical new design, which was presented at the Seaboater Yachts at the end of 2012. The vessel is a fully new concept that mixes the features of catamarans as a monohul vessel in the hull construction way. Propulsion is a radically new vision, too, by using 100% kite wind power. Goran Pinjusic is the designer of the yacht. The propulsion is by fully electrical engines with electricity collected from a kite, which is in turn connected to a specially adjusted generator. In the electric mode, a smaller kite is used. Large kites have the towing power and are used if the wind comes from the right direction. This is truly a kiteboating concept, and Seaboater yachts are fully focusing their own activities in that kiteboating direction.