double fucked

As if Sandy’s assrape of the Mid-Atlantic/NE coast wasn’t enough, another nasty storm is on its way to the area this Wednesday/Thursday.  It’s certainly not the horrible cauldron of conditons that led to the calamitous ‘cane (and the Weather Channel seems to have dropped their stupid ‘winter storm naming’ system yet), but with the ground saturated and debris everywhere, flooding and nasty conditions are not going to make life in the already-afflicted area any better.  Here’s more from Mark Michaelson at WxRouting, and you can stay on top of it here.  Don’t blame us for the title of this story; blame King Missile (for one of the funniest songs ever written).

The 2012 Tropical Weather season has been full of surprises. Most notably for me as a forecaster have been the constant shifts to the left with regard to storm systems’ trajectories from the model forecasts looking out past 72 hours. This week we have yet another system emanating in the Bahamas and according to the GFS model runs this morning it is targeting the Northeast early THURSDAY morning with a 982mb center (also trending lower) and Gale to storm force winds from New Jersey to Nova Scotia. Left front quadrant has plenty of moisture as well.

We’ll have to see how this one plays out but I am pretty sure the folks in the Northeast have seen enough of mother nature’s fury for a while. Pay attention and once again prepare for the impending system assuming forecasts come to fruition.

The forecast has not improved. In fact the CMC has gotten a bit more intense with the system that will form tomorrow and be off Hatteras overnight on Wednesday. Of particular concern is the northern shore of Long Island Sound, the coastal strip in New Jersey and Maryland and some issues in Massachusetts where the ground is already pretty saturated from Hurricane Sandy.

I do not have any knowledge of how much of the small debris the local municipal services have been able to haul away but if the TV reports showing piles of debris at curbside are correct and this refuse will not be picked up by a trash service by Wednesday, it could be a scary 24 hours in the streets from Coastal North Carolina through Northern New England.

If you have a trash pile with relatively light objects in it, do what you can to secure the debris before Wednesday even if that means driving to the dump yourself if you have the means to do so.  And make sure any shoring up of vessels on land or in the water gets your attention pronto.

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