grey ambition

Kiwi expat Stanley Paris has done it all.  The St. Augustine, FL doc is regarded as a pioneer in modern physical therapy, and he’s also an author and Ironman triathlete, and a long-range swimmer and endurance motorcycle racer.  But what caught our attention was not his history – it was Dr. Paris’s newest goal:  To become the oldest human to sail non-stop around the world.

Paris new Farr-designed 63 footer is perhaps one of the sexiest cruising boats ever.  With 15 feet of draft (lifting keel brings draft to just 8’7”), a powerful rig, big water ballast tanks and lots of ideas from the IMOCA world, the Lyman-Morse built Paris 63 should be a great way to get around the marble at the ripe old age of 76; that would beat the record Dodge Morgan set in 1986 when he circumnavigated at 58 years old.

Paris is also attempting to be the first to sail a non-stop trip without using a single drop of hydrocarbon fuel, though he’s likely to be eclipsed by Bubi Senso’s Acciona 100% Eco-Powered boat in next week’s Vendee Globe.  Still, Paris will likely take away different lessons and learning from his solar/wind/hydro powered boat than the much faster Owen/Clarke Acciona Open 60, and he’ll still be the first cruiser to accomplish this excellent green goal.

Keep an eye on Paris on his blog here. Billy Black photo of Paris and Bruce Farr from yesterday’s launch. Here’s the team that made it happen.