wasted youth

So much for passing the torch…

From the Independent…Britain has failed to raise a team for the Youth America’s Cup. As the deadline for entries closed on 31 October, all three attempts, one of which planned to race under the Ben Ainslie Racing banner.The new event will be staged for the first time in San Francisco between the end of next summer’s Louis Vuitton Cup challenger elimination series and the America’s Cup defence against the winner by the holder, Team Oracle USA.

There are claimed to be 17 countries and 20 potential challenges but they will be scrutinised by management group headed by Austrian Olympic gold medallist Roman Hagara. Further selection trials are planned in San Francisco in February, and a final four will go through to the September event.Britain had been very hopeful of competing but two of the three possible teams fell by the wayside early. The Ben Ainslie Racing group itself, with the help of the Royal Yachting Association, then set about the task of recruiting the crew and raising the finance.

The entry fee is $35,000 and it would take about $150,000 to race the boat, an AC45 wing-powered catamaran, and support the crew. In the end the main problem was with the crew, mainly Olympic hopefuls, who could make their diaries fit both events. Olympic medals are more important. Jump in the discussion thread