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center stage

France may not get hurricanes, but the driving rain and cold breeze that greeted us as we left Charles De Gaul airport today reminded us how tough the beginning of the Vendee Globe can be.  Gales are a nearly everyday occurrence this time of year off the French West coast (and the Mediterranean can be pretty sporty too), and while a race is never won in Biscay, there have sure been a lot of them lost there.

Ronnie Simpson and I are headed over to Les Sables D’Olonnes tomorrow (thanks to some kind Anarchists with a big car), and you can expect some seriously in-depth coverage of everything about the Vendee, leading right up to the start on the 10th of November.  And the fun doesn’t stop there. We’ll be taking a good look at the new foiling GC-32 catamaran in Dubai on the 12th, and then we’re off to Amsterdam on the 14th to report on the newest and coolest boats and accessories at the industry’s biggest insider show – the METS.  Finally, we’re off to Miami to check out the Star Winter Series – the latest addition to the healthy and growing Florida regatta series game.  We’ll get into what makes florida so attractive, and see what the future holds for the boat that’s more beloved by more top sailors than any other.  It’s gonna be a good month, and we’re glad to have you along for the ride.

We are also immensely thankful to a great group of sponsors for making sure all this reporting gets to you, and I hope you all know how important your consideration of those companies is to ensuring that we can keep bringing you the most interesting stories in sailing.  They are:

WhiteCap, a brokerage and management service specializing in IMOCA 60s, Class 40s, and other high-performance offshore boats.  They have tons of experience at everything that matters for these kinds of racing machines; check out what they’ve got here.

Wisconsin’s Line Honors Yacht Racing Outfitting focuses on offering only the highest quality yacht racing gear to sailors and teams all around the globe.

Former Vendee competitor Bruce Schwab introduced us to the super efficient and compact Genasun battery last year, and we’re glad to have a chance to show you how advanced they are.

Doyle Sails NZ put together a sick set of Stratis sails for Hugo Boss’s Alex Thomson, and we’ll tell you all about that too.

Finally, learn more about the ultra-advanced yet accessible GreatCup 32 cat here.

Thanks again to all of those supporters, and thanks in advance to all the anarchists that make following along in the forums so much fun.  Check in yourself and let us know what you’d like to see, and we’ll do our best to find it.  Thanks to ‘solosailor’ for the photo.

-Mr. Clean
Paris, France