power couple

power couple

Our resident rockstar multihuller John Casey checks in with news of his upcoming Brazil Olympics campaign with former SCOTW and cat slayer Sarah Newberry at the helm.  This is stellar news, and we urge you to check out his campaign page to buy shirts or just donate piles of cash to them.  JC has proven he can beat the world’s best and Sarah has shown serious promise in the F-16, so check ‘em out to learn more about the US’s next gold medal cat sailor.  Here’s a little more on the JC/Newberry campaign:

As most of you know, the multihull was ousted as Olympic equipment in 2008. After missing a quad, a selection event was held in Santander, Spain this summer to choose the next Olympic multihull. Many sailors believed politics would come into play and the wrong decision would be made. Thankfully, in my opinion, that didn’t happen, and the group chose the right boat: The Nacra 17. Those of us in the multihull community wanted a boat to be chosen that would most reflect the direction our part of the sport is going. With curved foils and a powerful carbon rig, it was the best high performance choice that could be made at the time.

The choice of boat made it easy for me to decide to start an Olympic campaign. Luckily, Sarah Newberry felt the same way and we’ve teamed up to take the challenge head-on. Sarah’s already on the US Sailing Development Team after winning the Development Team Event held in January this year so she’s already shown her mettle. I started my sailing career as a helm, so I’m not beat up and I know what to do to find speed. I’m ready to take on a new challenge as crew, which I’ve been doing on the curved-board Marstrom 20 for quite a while already, and I’m proud of my track record as a crew so far.

In the Olympics, the biggest challenge is actually making it to the starting line on the big day in 2016. The new aspect of a mixed team will be a big part of that challenge, and I think the team that can figure out how best to keep the Mars/Venus thing in check will look damned good on the line. Sarah and I have already found out that (surprise) we don’t communicate the same way, and that’s been our team focus so far. We now already have a strong base of training and development and we’ll be working as hard as it takes to stay one step ahead of whoever takes on the challenge against us. With all the talent coming into the new cats from past Olympians, 49er sailors and 470 champions, I know it’ll be a blast.

Our content-filled website is up and running at USAMULTIHULL2016 and our FB page is going full steam.   Please check in and tell us what you think.

I’ve teamed up with SA on so many projects, but for me, this is the biggest of all.  I know there will be some serious highs and lows throughout our journey, and I promise to share them with you as much as I can.  The journey starts now!

-John Casey