it’s usually like this

it’s usually like this

The Moth class descended on Kaneohe YC, Hawaii for their Nationals last weekend, with the typical Hawaiian ‘Trades’ pumping in the full 16-20 knot range; perfect high-speed foiling conditions.  This let the mothies get in 16 full races as well as a 16-race Slalom Champs that ended with a winner-take-all final (for 50 bucks and a bottle of rum).

Anthony Kotoun (Newport,RI) won the event with Eric Aakhus (Newport Beach, CA) in second, Dalton Bergan (Seattle, WA) in third, Matt Knowles (Newport, RI) in 4th and Charlie McKee (San Diego, CA) in 5th.   With that cash and rum on the line Dalton Bergan won the high speed downwind slalom.

The US moth group used this a tune up for the worlds that KYC will host in Oct, 2013.  The Moth class now moves to Charleston, SC for their winter series in Jan, Feb and the North Americans in April.

Check out more from the new champ on the Mach 2 Moth USA site. Jeffrey Baldwin pic.