do fries come with that?

do fries come with that?

The video below made us laugh out loud…

Cheeseburger Sailing Team Germany supported the Americas cup and decided to bring the Cup to Hamburg, Germany. At October the 16th the first Event of the new named Cheeseburgers Cup started with the Qualification of the Teams. 

The all new concept of the cup is now being realised on ultra hi tech but low budget c55 (swedish racing class). Because the race was brought so unrehearsed to northern Europe the first issue wasn´t that well prepared so all boats looked pretty much the same because time was too short to print big ads and sponsor logos on the boats. The new concept of the cup includes ONE DESIGN BOATS as well as ONE DESIGN CREW MEMBERS (a concept which sailing has never seen before, right?). 

This video, showing the very first fleet race in the new World Series is the first official video material of how stunning and amazing America’s Cup sailing has become again after one extreme failed 33rd Cup. 

Larry Ellison said in a press release shortly after the horrifying capsize of USA 17 that "Cheeseburger Sailing Team Germany invited me into a stunning new concept and I am totally glad that Team Oracle can now look into a better future maybe winning the cup again and especially that sailing is realised on Mono hulls right now. – Anarchist Niklas.