question of the week


I was hoping to get some help/advice. I have been racing for about a year and  have established myself on the bow. My problem is that my fellow foredeck  crew member is "that guy." He has been sailing a few more years than I have,  yet he still doesn’t seem to get it. He constantly is questioning the  tactics, the trim of the sails and anything. He can’t go more than 2 minutes 
without mentioning the current. Everyone who comes aboard notices how  annoying he is and it has become a distraction during out races.He just  turned 53 and is topping out at 250lbs. 

My question is how do I deal with this guy? He goes to church with two of the  co-owners so I doubt he will be kicked off the crew. They put him on foredeck  so they wouldn’t have to listen to him. Am I stuck having to deal with it?  Should I push him over the side? Should I try to find another ride?

I have tried to be patient, but this guy is ruining sailing for me.
Hope someone can help out.

Charleston, SC