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in the palm of your hand

Ventus Navigator is the complete wireless handheld solution for Expedition Navigation Software. Take full advantage of all the power built into Expedition wirelessly from anywhere on the boat. If you currently use Expedition, clearly the most powerful navigation and routing program on the market, or are considering moving to it, this is the must have addition.

Add a simple wireless router and you have the complete Expedition handheld app for your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch. With Ventus Navigator you can display any of the data from your Expedition software anywhere you are, no need to buy and wire in more expensive displays. You can easily have different data displayed to your tactician, helmsman, trimmers, or at the Nav Station. Keep track of performance while below deck, even in your bunk.

Not only is this by far the most cost effective way to get real time data displayed on deck as you like it, it also provides the powerful calibration features that are built into Expedition; much better calibrations using full range tables than the single point calibrations that many instrument systems use . Using Expedition with the Ventus App in conjunction with even low and mid-range instrument systems you can calibrate your instruments as accurately as high end systems with race processors that cost $15000.00 or more. You can get better data on your handheld that you can see on your own instrument displays.

The Ventus Navigator
is now being used in ten countries by some of the world’s top sailors. Here is what some of them have to say about it.

"We just finished up the M32 Worlds, and wanted to comment that the Ventus Navigator was an asset to the program." –
Eric Dorman – M32 Hedgehog, 2nd Place 2012 Melges 32 Worlds

"Your app saved our bacon last week. Our 20/20s failed just before the long race at Hamilton Island Race Week, but the WTP and tablet were still working so we bought a couple of copies on the way to the start." –
Nick White – Volvo Navigator and author of Expedition Software

"Hi Guys, works great on iPhone – was a lifesaver at Hamilton Island Race Week when our 20/20’s packed it in. Amazing what you can do with an iPhone, an arm and some electrical tape!" –
Andrew Crowe – Australia

"Today I tried your app…. well, I am very impressed with it. Nice work !!!" – Marc Lagesse – America’s Cup and TP 52 Navigator