Yacht designer Joe Adams is something of a legend in the Aussie yachting world. Best known for his rule-ignoring raceboats (like ’72 Hobart-winning Helsal and the cult classic Adams 10m one-design), the 81-year old Port Macquarie native had retired in the 80s to Baguio, a resort town in the Philippines.
And on Monday, his throat was cut, and his body found by a gardener. Coincidentally, his most famous design Helsal also met her fate in the Philippines.
First meeting with the bricks was during a typhoon on Manila, she went up on the sea wall. Her mast, which when built was the longest continuous alloy extrusion in the world, was damaged, and after that she sailed with a truncated rig.
Went up on a reef near Palawan sround 1986, and the second grounding was fatal. Thanks to Anarchist Pat for that info.

Share your stories or condolences in the thread.  Aussie SA’er “Sportscar” checks in with some of his own:

Sad, sad news indeed. Two of our ‘Sportscars’ were Joe Adams designs, firstly an Adams Ten which was a revelation to the sport in the late 70’s early 80s and still rules the race courses today some 40 years later.  A boat so far ahead of its time was this near perfect design. Our second Adams boat, (pictured left) was an Adams 11.9 in which we raced hard, inshore and especially offshore, fast and safe and we had so much fun it hurt. I met Joe in Coffs Harbour on his cruising boat many years ago and shared a cuppa and a yarn with him. A delightful man with a depth of knowledge about sailing, the sea and boats that was truly awe inspiring. He put more people into fast fun boats than any other yacht designer in Australian maritime history and for that we all owe him a huge debt of gratitude.

May he sail forever on silver seas with a quartering breeze. Joe, thanks from me and the Sporty gang for all those whooping runs in big breezes. What an amazing legacy he has left for sailing in this country.  Will raise a rum for Joe now.

These pics from ancient history (early 80s) show the A-Ten after our first ever race in her and the A 11.9 hammering across Bass Strait. Great times, great memories.