rain of terror

rain of terror


Like snakes slithering from their winter hidey-holes, Somalian pirates are poking their heads out after a long monsoon season.  Fortunately, the first shots in this season’s pirate chronicles were fired by the good guys, and they hit their targets.  

The video shows a pirate skiff being blasted by the EU Naval Force Flagship “San Giusto” yesterday after they noticed the ‘fishing boat’ was filled with water and fuel drums…and a long ladder.  They took 7 prisoners and blew up the pirate’s boat, and even better, posted it on YouTube.  Now that is how to build a fan base!

And then there’s the HMS Rotterdam, a Dutch amphibious transport also taking part in NATO’s ‘Ocean Shield’ program, who nabbed another 7 bad guys suspected in attempting to board Spanish freighter ‘Izurdia’ a few hours earlier.  The Dutch did it in style, too; dropping in on the pirate skiff via helicopter, according to one report.

This shit is great – when does the movie come out?