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voices carry

While we’re all jaded and bitter, this kinda gives an appreciation of the AC that we may have lost sight of…

As a relatively new sailor, I watched my first Fleet week and the America’s Cup race in San Francisco this last Saturday. What a perfect experience! We anchored up near the finish line at Marina Green and watched the air show. There was a constant flow of boats into the area to set up for the big race. It was like a giant parade. The local law enforcement boats were very busy keeping things organized. The waterfront at Marina Green was lined up with spectators sitting under sun shades enjoying the view. Some people had come to watch the air show, some to watch the America’s Cup race, and others came to watch both.

The first fleet race of the day was everything you would want in a race. Excitement, speed, and location. Watching the helicopters "watching" the race added another level of excitement. We had the Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz, and Sausalito as the backdrop for this amazing event! After race one, we pulled up anchor and slowly headed back through the "parking lot" of anchored boats. We were able to watch the second race as we moved along the waterfront with the fantastic San Francisco skyline behind us and the late afternoon sun shining over the bay. We watched the second race finish with the Golden Gate Bridge in the distance.

As we neared the Bay Bridge we were swarmed by the race boats as they headed back to their team bases at Piers 30-32. You could hear the voices of teammates on board still filled with adrenaline as they flew past us!

There has been much discussion about the commentary of the America’s Cup races on Sailing Anarchy. For me there was no announcer, just the voices in my head… They all seemed happy!