give a hoot

give a hoot, get a hoot

While small scale high-performance dinghy building isn’t the best way to make a fortune, it has numerous other benefits:  It’s great for your heart rate, for one (as long as lack of profit doesn’t phase you).  And think of all the fresh air you’ll get testing and refining your boats (it might even balance out the carbon dust and resin fumes you suck down in the shop).  Either way, if a sailing startup interests you, here’s something from Doug Kidder, developer of the sexy Hoot singlehanded skiff/dinghy.

I can no longer sit on the tooling for the Hoot waiting for the economy for small boats to improve. It is really a fun boat; fast and car-toppable. I put over $250k into the development — money I’ll never see again — but I would hate to cut up the molds and sell off the remaining bit parts. I am willing to give all the tooling away to a good home.  All the bits (booms, masts, sails, hardware) I will sell for a nominal price. Send me an e-mail if you’re interested. More info in the thread.