ghost ride

ghost ride

Three Danish sailors are nowhere to be found after their 33-foot one-off Quorning trimaran was found in pieces by a fishing boat around 80 NM from the Brittany coast last weekend.  The Danes apparently boarded their boat in Brest, rushing away from the coast into the teeth of a gale with winds to 60 knots – way back on the 23rd of September, the same night a sailor reported seeing a flare in the area.

Seems straightforward, right?  Maybe not.

The boat was sold just a few months ago after being listed here,  and Le Telegramme says things smell a little fishy.  “No bodies, no life raft, no distress messages and especially, terrible conditions for crossing the Bay,” Stephane Jezequel writes, explaining that 54 year old skipper Jakob Wind Hansen was not only very experienced, but also had a record of drug trafficking.  “Knowing his movements were being monitored by specialized agencies, could Wind have staged his own disappearance?”  If that’s what happened — if indeed a Danish smuggler set off into a Biscay equinoctial gale to feign his death – that is some seriously badass stuff.

Hey Jakob:  When you get somewhere without extradition, send us a story!  More info here.

UPDATE FROM DENMARK: My name is Jens Quorning, I am the manufacturer of Dragonfly Trimarans. I have of course been closely following the accident of the Danish capsized and damaged trimaran where 3 Danish people are unfortunately still missing. But I would just like to inform you that your story reporting the boat as a Quorning built trimaran is not really correct.  This trimaran (called Jonathan Livingston Seagull) was designed back in 1975 by my uncle, Bent Quorning, and was the only trimaran he built, and it was finished by a boatyard in plywood.  It still looked good last year, but I don’t know many 33-year old plywood trimarans that will do well in Biscay in a storm.

So please note that the trimaran has no relation to the Borge and Jens
Quorning-designed Dragonfly Trimarans.  Thank you for your attention and keep up your good work.

Best regards,