scotw skiffies

scotw skiffies

These girls are clearly trendsetters and groundbreakers; not only are they going to be the first all-girls team to contest the full season of 18 Footer racing and the first to take on the 18-foot Skiff Worlds (a/k/a the JJ GIltinan Trophy) in its 70+ year history, but they’re also the first people on Earth to wear the all-new Sailing Anarchy logo on their bodies.  A fine debut, we think!

Meet skipper Alex South – daughter of former Giltinan champion Adam South – along with Aussie crew Fran Dargaville and top-ranked Irish 470 sailor Saskia Tidey, who’s new to Sydney.  Alex certainly talks the talk:  "The 18 is the pinnacle of harbour sailing- the history, the characters and everything else that forms the class makes it such an honour to be a part of. I guess we’ll be a part of that colourful history now,” she said.  "We’re about sailing fast, having fun and promoting women in sailing. If we can do all of that, and have smiles on our faces at the end of the day- I think the campaign will be a great success."

For latest news on the Skiff Chicks and the other ‘eyedeens’, check out the Flying 18s page here And stay tuned for reports from the Skiff Chick Skipper herself right here on SA.

Thanks to Frank Quealey for the scoop and to Frank and Nicky Cameron for the shot.