Paige Brooks waxes poetic…

I remember the first time I saw the 45s out and wow.  But the 72? My god that boat is big.  It has a true wow affect. You know I always get sorta high when i see the AC boats, but when the 17 came into the ‘stadium’ today, I felt like everyone was watching.  She dwarfed the 45s. At one point there were 7 chase boats behind her.

There’s no way you can miss it. It’s big, looming, and looked like a reined in racehorse. I could see the platform flex from a few miles away as he sped her up and slowed her down again.  I cannot wait to see the boat in big breeze. It was hot and light today.  And she still flew. I just keep saying Wow.

This isn’t about being a fan or not a fan of the AC, but about big cat boat spectacular technology. This thing is just incredible. Truly. Photo Guilain Grenier/Oracle Team USA.