lotta bullets

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lotta bullets

Without a doubt, the level of our San Francisco formula windsurfing racing fleet continues to rise every season. It was all too evident in the last Friday night race of season when 3 of us tied for 1st place after 5 races.  In the 12 + years Ive been racing windsurfers at the St. Francis- I don’t ever think I’ve seen this happen.  Out of 5 races, we had 4 separate sailors with bullets! 

It goes to show that no matter what- not only does every race count, but every decision you make on the course counts.  And with the way the racing rules for sailing are (appendix b for windsurfers)- even your throw outs count when you’re tied at the end of a series. 

The twilight series is a small sprint style course that require calling exact laylines and sharp board handling skills.  5 races are run with sailors able to discard their worst scores from the evenings racing.  Races start and finish off the permanent buoys set north of the club and race around Anita Rock; down the X buoy and back to the finish. 

13 races in the season. You can miss 2 and you have to do RC 1 time in the season.  Grabbing the final bullet of the night was enough for Soheil to take his 1st regatta win of the year + break the 3 way tie between Eric & myself.  Awesome performance by all and another great season of racing at the St.FYC. 

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