shut it down


shut it down

We don’t know much about this other than what’s in the story, but it appears to suck…

For many years David Stimson built and repaired boats on his family’s property in Boothbay. On August 28 the Town of Boothbay served Stimson with a notice of violation that barred David and his family from continuing to work on their property because his business was not in conformance with the Town of Boothbay’s zoning ordinances.

Stimson’s boatbuilding shop located at 261 River Road was deemed in violation because Boothbay’s zoning ordinances prohibits the manufacturing of boats within a residential area, and Stimson’s business is in such an area. Stimson, who claimed he had been building boats on his property since 1981, was unaware that the act of manufacturing boats was illegal in the residential district when he applied for a building permit in 2011. Thanks to the Wiscasset Newspaper, read on