ksss me


ksss me

These typically gorgeous Swedish sailor chicks were spotted at Encinal Yacht Club last weekend, where they sailed the Artemis Invitational team race event – the first organized under the Artemis Racing Youth Programme banner – for the Royal Swedish Yacht Club, known as KSSS.

Anna Mikkelsen, Johanna Sommarlund, Julia Gross, Antonia Sjöstedt, Louise Törnsten and Hampus Appelgren have their sights set on Brazil 2016.  Judging from their ability to jump into boats they’d never even heard of (FJ’s) and race a format they’d never seen (team racing) and still come in second in the regatta against four US collegiate programs, they’ll be there.  And we’ll be watching, of course.What’s not to like?

Thanks to Ellen Hoke for the good eye and quick finger, check out her site for more.