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Gear reviews aren’t always about the best. In fact, in a world of questionably objective yachting publications, it’s probably more important to warn you off bad products than applaud the good ones, since no one else is doing it.  Gear Anarchy is a great place to go to share your own reviews and read those from other Anarchists, but rarely do we find as negative a product review thread as turned up yesterday, especially about a company that’s been outfitting sailors and supporting the sport for years. It’s from long time anarchist “Prouda My Pickle Dish – disagree?  Post it in the thread.

I have worn Sperrys for a couple of decades.  So I bought a pair of "Tech" lace up shoes some time ago.  Within a season the bottoms completely dried up, got hard and slippery.  I only wear them on the dock or boat (I take them off to go to the car) and I rinse them out w/fresh water after each use.  Well, I tried the usual…sanding the soles w/100 grit, wiping with alcohol and then acetone to try to get the hard surface off.  Nothing worked.

Soooo, I called Sperry to ask wots the deal?  Twice.  Both times they gave me some lame ass BS excuse about complaints that the shoes wore out too fast when wearing them on the street!??!!?  I asked what part of BOAT SHOE was difficult to understand.  And if it made sense to create short lived shoes that could cause injury or a MOB because some twat wore his $120 boat shoes to the clap clinic.  No discernable response or attempt to placate a FORMER long standing loyal customer.

Fack ’em.  I’m gonna buy Harken or whatever.  Before you piss away your hard earned dough on sailing shoes (not the Little Feat CD), consider something other than Sperry.  They sell shit.  My 2 cents.