dear larry

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dear larry

We are the easy fans; we’re the guys and gals that will watch single-camera, 480p feeds of dinghy racing if we can find it.  And we’re trying.  Really, we are.  We dig wing sails.  We love carbon catamarans.  We certainly are into spectator-friendly courses, and we’re even okay with reaching starts. So why in the hell is the ACWS so goddamned dull?

We’re watching every minute, up on a big 1080p screen, with undivided attention.  And it’s putting us to sleep almost as fast as the PGA tour.  Earlier in the cycle you had different commentators, more angles, and much better directing, and we were often glued to our screen.  But that seems to be all gone now.

Maybe it’s great in person, and maybe that’s what really counts to you.  And maybe everyone in Italy and New Zealand are crowding into their local pubs at midnight to devour the broadcast.   But we doubt that Puma and Charles Schwab and all your other recently announced sponsors are spending all that time and money for 50,000 eyeballs, and we can’t believe that your oft-stated goal of ‘reaching nonsailors’ is only meant for a hundredth of a percent of America.  

The problem is this: Sunday, you broadcast to millions of US televisions, live and free over-the-air to sports giant NBC. And if you give them the same ACWS broadcast product you gave us on Thursday, they will never, ever watch it again.  Worse yet, they’ll think that AC racing is just plain old dull, and even if the 72s turn out to be incredible to behold, you’ll have already lost them all.

-The Easy Fans.

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