breaking bad


breaking bad

Even though we have brought up the possibility that the US Olympic Sailing team might do very poorly in the medal count, we didn’t really think they would get shut out completely. But now, with just a couple races left in a couple of classes, getting skunked is now looking like a real possibility. Here’s how it is breaking down:

  • Star 7th. No medal
  • Finn 12th. No medal
  • Men’s 49’er 15th. No medal
  • Laser Men 29th. No medal
  • Laser Women 8th. No medal
  • RS-X Men 22nd. No medal
  • RS-X Women 20th. No medal
  • 470 Men 17th. No chance.
  • 470 Women 8th. Almost no chance
  • Elliott Women 6M 4th. Still breathing.

So the likelihood of coming home with NO MEDALS is a very real outcome. Eking out one is almost as bad. And just what the hell does this say about where we are in Olympic sailing? Because it’s not like we were really close in a bunch of classes, quite the opposite. We got our asses kicked in almost all of them. This is major fail, Our worst Olympic performance ever and a breakdown across the board. Who will ultimately be to blame? Will heads roll, programs be dismantled and rebuilt? Or maybe you can just chalk it up to a bad year, pretend it’ll all be okay, and dutifully send in your dues to the organization who is responsible for this pathetic Olympic result?