this year’s model

race report

this year’s model

IOM US National Championship
Mission Bay Park
San Diego, CA

Note: I went to the Pond today and checked out the IOM’s. Wow – I had no idea how that class has developed in terms of designs, build and speed. I owned an Errica a couple years back and it was the shizz then, but it ain’t today! Pictured below is Dennis Rogers’ Britpop, which has some real pop in a little breeze. Dennis had some good races and will very likely be a threat to win it. I am going back tomorrow to find the right boat (at the right price, of course) for me and am looking forward to re-joining the IOM pond racers. Oh and as a bonus, my kids dig it too… – The Ed.

The second day of the US Nationals was much the same weather as the first day, but much more frustrating  for many. The ever present morning Marine Layer stayed with us until well after the staring time of 10am providing the fleet with a wild variety of shifts that would leave the best shaking their heads in disbelief.

But the sun finally made it to the party warming things up, shortly after the third race and the wind settled  into a more westerly direction allowing a square first beat.

Among the strongest performers were  Roy Langbord, Zach Aleya, and Jon Elmaleh posting low single digit finishes to set the pace.  Starts were critical as usual and coupled with the courage to stick to your game plan made the difference.

Roy Langbord and his new BG Britpop seemed to be where he needed to be at the right time posting a 1st and 3rd place finish when the boats ahead of him took a dive.  

Jon Elmaleh seemed to have lost his previous days focus racking up a 14th. and a 15th. in race seven and ten, slipping to 3rd. place by the end of the day.

Zach Aleya  finally was able to shake of a 20th and 21st early in the day and closing the day out with 2 bullets in race nine and ten, vaulting him into second place with a game plan worthy of note.

Close behind, Tony Gonsalves was quietly stalking the fleet posting solid single digit finishes throughout the afternoon without any big mistakes moving from 9th to 4th 4pts. behind Elmaleh.

Brazilian Britpop builder Dennis Astbury  seemed to struggle in the later part of the day with double digit finishes  after  wrestling with a short stint with the B fleet.  I expect we will see him back in the hunt as his focus returns.

Tonight all skippers will gather at Brazil by the Bay for dinner followed by the first USA NCA Annual General  Meeting to discuss the future.  This reporter is looking forward to it. – Jake Leo. Title inspiration thanks to Elvis Costello