24 hours


24 hours

We were stoked when we heard the guys on the J/125 Double Trouble dominated the Pac Cup to Hawaii, but then were stunned to see that they had been given a 24 hour penalty, taking the win from them and dropping them to 5th in class. Surely they must have committed some incredibly heinous rule infraction – oversized sails, safety gear missing or maybe they turned on their motor?

No, they went online.

And not to look at porn (sure they didn’t) but rather to look at the race tracker. The whole idea of not allowing racers to look at their competitors on a tracker is one of the dumbest things ever. Why wouldn’t you let them? So that you can’t see how they are doing, or what moves they are making so that perhaps you can cover them? Aren’t those the sort of things that we do every time we go racing when we can see our competition? Then given the technology, why not allow that same sort of observation in distance racing? it is old school, retarded logic that is simply dated and is not addressing the progressive nature of the sport.

However, not matter what one thinks of the rule, it was indeed written in the SI’s for the race, and for whatever reason(s), Double Trouble either A) didn’t know (lame), B) didn’t care, or C) tried to pull off getting around the rule and simply got caught. But a 24 hour penalty? That seems to us to be excessively punitive to us and at first blush, the punishment does not seem to fit the crime.

It is a shitty ending to the race for everyone concerned, and we are dying to know exactly what did happen. Double Trouble Owner Andy Costello is writing an article for us and we will have it later Saturday. Stay tuned and jump in the thread for the latest..